Mansfield Bus Information & Schedule

Susquehanna Trailways Bus Schedule


The ELMIRA (North bound) Bus now leaves at 10:30 AM and 2:20 PM

The WILLIAMSPORT (South bound) Bus now leaves at 12:45 PM and 4:20 PM

Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early to purchase tickets.

For After Hours and Weekend purchases meet the driver at the Bus Stop at 51 B South Main Street.

For weekend or after hours bus questions call
Susquehanna Trailways at 1-800-692-6314

Purchase tickets at:
Mansfield Chamber of Commerce
Open 9:00AM - 2:30PM Weekdays

It is always a good idea to call ahead to verify times and prices.

The bus also has stops in Blossburg, Liberty, and Troy.

Frequent Destinations
City Harrisburg
Depart Mansfield 12:45 pm Harrisburg 11:15 pm
Arrival Harrisburg 4:00 pm Mansfield 2:20 pm
City New York City
Depart Mansfield 12:45 pm NYC 7:15 am
Arrival NYC 8:50 pm Mansfield 2:20 pm
City Philadelphia
Depart Mansfield 12:45 pm Philadelphia 7:15 am*
Arrival Philadelphia 8:40 pm Mansfield 2:20 pm
*Philadelphia 1001 Filbert Street Bus Parking lot Gate 11 Susquehanna Trailways Bus
City Pittsburgh
Depart Mansfield 12:45 pm Pittsburgh 4:50 am
Arrival Pittsburgh 11:00 pm Mansfield 2:20 pm
City Elmira
Depart Mansfield 10:30 am Elmira 11:45 pm
Arrival Elmira 11:30 am Mansfield 12:45 pm
Depart Mansfield 2:20 pm Elmira 3:25 pm
Arrival Elmira 3:05pm Mansfield 4:20 pm
City Williamsport
Depart Mansfield 12:45 pm Williamsport 9:30 am
Arrival Williamsport 1:45 pm Mansfield 10:30 am
Depart Mansfield 4:20 pm Williamsport 1:20 pm
Arrival Williamsport 5:20 pm Mansfield 2:20 pm
City Troy (Departures From Troy Only)
Depart Troy 10:55 am Elmira 11:30 am
Depart Troy 12:20 pm Mansfield 12:45 pm
Depart Troy 2:40 pm Elmira 3:05 pm
Depart Troy 4:00pm Mansfield 4:20 pm